Empowering organisations with cutting-edge workforce solutions, our mission within the Human Capital Management domain is to unlock agility, optimize human potential, and elevate overall business performance.

Our commitment is to deliver innovative software solutions that empower and foster excellence, drive progress, and unleash the full potential of every entity we serve.

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Key Facts


Operating in 65+ countries


Managing over 1.5 million resources


Over 40 years of combined experience

Problems we solve

Increase productivity

Resource AllocationEfficiently managing resources and schedules is tough for organisations.

Efficient reporting

Limited Insight into Resource PerformanceBusinesses struggle to gain a comprehensive view of resource efficiency.

Legislation inflexibility

Changing Resource DemandsCompanies find it difficult to adjust to fluctuating resource needs.

Effective planning

Communication GapsInefficient communication hampers effective resource management.

Control over your purchasing

Manual Processes and inefficienciesCumbersome tasks hinder productivity and invite errors.

Transparency issues

Rigidity in Scheduling SystemsExisting systems may lack adaptability to diverse resource demands.


Retain International Software

Retain International is a leader in resource planning software for businesses of all sizes. Improving efficiency with cost-effective and flexible solutions to allow firms to effectively manage their resources. With a complete overview of current clients, projects and staff, organisations can ensure they are operating at optimum efficiency and improve profitability.

Retain International Software

Retain International

Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management Software (WFM) flagship product suite, iTime, comprises of 8 flexible modules, with a commitment to redefining productivity in workforce management. Its time and attendance and access control functionalities aim to: reducing labour costs, improving compliance, boost efficiency and minimise time-wastage.

Workforce Managament Software

Workforce Management Softwae